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Job Offer in 90 days, Guaranteed.

Hack the Interview is on a mission to democratize opportunity by empowering job-seekers to land any job at any company.

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What is Hack the Interview?

Hack the Interview is a customized, one-on-one, expert led coaching system built to prepare job seekers for their real life interviews.

Students study for tests, athletes prepare for the big game, job-seekers should do the same.

Our team of experts deconstruct every aspect of your real life interviews to increase your offer rate by 70%.


Users receives offers in 30 days


Users receives offers in 90 days


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Hear from our clients

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Working with Skilled has been a superlative experience that has expanded my technical skills, soft skills, and personal growth during the difficult career hunt as an aspiring software engineer.

Mark MarcelloFirst offer received in 7 days
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My experience was really great! I think people undervalue how quickly you can get caught off guard during an interview and how easily an interview can go right past you without any prep.

Timothy TilleySoftware Engineer at an education software company in New York
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It really helped me get through a lot of the anxiety that came when the interview portions were coming up. I had more confidence after doing the mock interview.

Kayleigh YoungTechnology Apprentice at Accenture

Services we offer


1:1 Expert Tutoring with world class mentors


On-demand Mock interviews and feedback


Tailored Resume Development


Career Coaching from experts in your field


Code and Project Review


Virtual Curriculum

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Practive a Real Life Interview

How It Works

We help you land your dream job each step of the way. From the resume you submit to the offer you sign.

  • We help you make your resume perfect.
  • Start applying to jobs.
  • Land an interview.
  • HTI team prepares you rigorously for that interview through 1:1 coaching, tutoring, and mock interviews.
  • Rinse and repeat at every stage of your real life interviews.
  • Job offer negotiation.

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